Several Chrysler Models Get Production Extensions

As of late, Chrysler published that it might expand processing of a few of its prominent models, including the Dodge Avenger, Jeep Wrangler as well as the Dodge Grand Caravan. Jeep's SUV is situated to proceed in its current design form until the middle of 2018, while the Dodge Avenger will be in production until the finish of 2015 and the Dodge Caravan will proceed with its current generation through late 2017.

Before now, Chrysler had wanted to reinstate the well known Jeep Wrangler (which has had a significant refresh for the 2014 model year) in mid-2016, and the Avenger was set to be replaced this as soon as January. What's more, the Grand Caravan was slated to be replaced by another form at some point in 2016, yet now that plan has been dropped. Chrysler has plans that in the end it will just fabricate one minivan, yet no official announcement has been made yet.

That move would make sense, according to 2953 Analytics LLP analyst Jim Hall. He explains, "It's exactly what they need to do. They need to focus on things with volume .When you find your consideration is increasing, you want to cash in with high-volume vehicles - not a bunch of niche vehicles."1 In other words, to make large profit gains, Chrysler will need to focus more heavily on models in high-volume categories, like crossover SUVs and small compacts.

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