Ram Introduces the Next Crop Project

Ever since the now iconic "Farmer" Super Bowl commercial debuted over a year ago Ram Trucks has been on the forefront of aiding our nation's farms and those who operate them.  Now, they are doing it again with a new initiative to assist the hard working backbone of America.

The Next Crop Project is all about helping the future of farming thrive right here in the United States, and Ram Trucks recently released an inspirational video showing off the lands and people the new initiative supports.  Take a look at this clip below:

Our country was built by farmers and their hard working ingenuity, so supporting their future is crucial for the betterment of our great nation.  Our brand directly supports the world of farming in numerous ways, and on the forefront they do so by crafting vehicles like the 2014 Ram 1500 which help get the job done no matter what.

Beyond this, Ram Trucks is involved in a wide variety of charitable ventures, with the newest one kicking off April 26th.  On this day Ram Trucks will donating money to the National FFA Organization when test drives are taken at select dealerships.

If you want to support the vehicles that support our nations farmers come down to our Winder, Gerogia showroom and test drive one of the trucks from the inventory of new Ram models.  By doing this you will be helping those who work hard to provide food and goods to our great nation, we look forward to seeing you.

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