Videos Explains Why the Chrysler 200 is So Special

The time is now to hop in one of the most anticipated rides of the year here in Winder, Georgia.

The 2015 Chrysler 200 finally rolled into our showroom recently, revealing the future face of our brand and the world of mid-sized sedans.  If you have not been following the news regarding this vehicle and are not sure why it has been hyped up so much then now is your chance to get informed.

Al Gardner, the President and CEO of the Chrysler Brand, recently talked about the features and performance that makes the 200 such an awesome car, check this out in the video below:

As you can see, the Chrysler 200 matches advanced technology with some class leading performance and drivability.  This is why the sedan has been talked about so extensively, and is also why we are so excited to have finally added it to our showroom.

Come check this ride our now here in the inventory of new Chrysler models to see for yourself what the world is talking about, we look forward to seeing you.

Our dealership is located right down the road from the Barrow County Schools, so stop by today if you in the area and see all the amazing Chrysler Group models we have in stock.

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