Words Cannot Describe How Epic the New Ram Commercial Is

Ram trucks are rough and rugged hardworking machines that support the blue collar backbone of America.  This is always portrayed with the motto Guts and Glory, a motto that is always attached to the brand and their commercials, which are a sight to see filled with action and inspiration.

Recently, the 2014 Ram 1500, the back-to-back Motor Trend truck of the year, starred in a new commercial, one that took awesome and epic to another level.  Get your adrenaline pumping by checking this advertisement out below

Set to the song "Come With Me Now" by the South African band Kongos this commercial depicts the 1500 racing across a flat landscaper flanked by a group of tough and bold bikers.  If this was not enough to paint an awesome picture Ram then features one brave biker sending his chopper out the back of an airplane.

Once again Ram trucks have raised the bar in terms of epic commercials, and we are having a hard time thinking of how they can do it again, but we know they will, they always do.

Our new Ram trucks can handle an impressive amount of work both on the job and in your spare time, so whatever your need is one of our models can help you along the way.  Stop by today here in Winder, Georgia to see the 1500 in person and take it for an epic test drive yourself.

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